Stories in the fantasy genre aim to transport you to a far away place built by the imagination.  They create worlds in which magic exists and battles between good and evil resolve questions of right and wrong.  Fantasy deals more with emotions and relationships than ideas, and often retells familiar stories, legends, and myths. Read more
What’s Trending
A Game of Thrones
Full of gritty violence and morally ambiguous characters, Grimdark is not for the faint of heart. Click here for a full guide.
The Clockwork Dagger
Victorian-era technology (i.e. steam) and aesthetics characterize these stories. Click here for a full guide.
Classics and Subgenres
Epic Fantasy
Classic fantasy series that have lots of characters, good versus evil, and heroes on a quest. Click here for a full guide.
Urban Fantasy
These tales typically take place in modern settings but with a supernatural element. Click here for a full guide.

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